2013: Our Year in Pictures

HELLO Bloggy World! I would like to introduce myself to you....My name is Kylie and I have totally neglected this blog for the majority of 2013.  My goal is to not be a stranger in 2014.  I have a special treat for you this year...my husband is promising a post per month in 2014!  That is 12 posts that are guaranteed to make you either super uncomfortable or roll with laughter.

Speaking of husbands I have a pretty darn good one that probably doesn't get the credit he deserves most of the time.  I am going to brag on him just this ONE time...lol!  Trey loves putting together videos especially of the girls.  I love what he did this year, they are not all the best pictures taken in 2013...some are even blurry...most are iPhone pics...but they ALL tell the story of our year.  So here it is our 2013 year in review.  ENJOY....


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