…and we’re back!

Hello to anyone who still might be listening.  Sorry for the long break…we have been a bit busy trying to manage this crazy 3-ring circus we call life.

As Kylie previously mentioned, I (the fortunate husband/father of this motley crew of little women) hope to post in the next few days additional details of the many things that have been keeping us busy over the past several months.  Here is a small sample of our recent distractions

 Selling the only place our family has ever called home

 And finding a place to live until our new home is ready

2 yr old Potty Training

Fun with Horses...did I mention we are moving to the country? 

Moving to a "Big Girl" Bed

Trips to the Zoo

Getting her hair did

Turning the big Five (yep, that's right, it is a horse cake #obsession)

Hayden's first trip to the ER...an unfortunate family tradition

Swim Lessons

 5 yr old Tee-Ball

and plenty of dancing, singing, and showing out from the girls.

Stay tuned for more on these subject as well as few others...


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