Our Week at the Beach

If there is one thing my family all agrees on it's that we LOVE the beach.  We missed the beach last summer since we had 3 infants in the family...thank goodness we made that decision.  We decided this time since we had 5 little ones we would rent a house that was beachfront.  The Bahama Mama & Banana Cabana in Carillon Beach did not disappoint. Carillon Beach is a little gated community just east of Rosemary Beach (where we typically vacation). This was our first time staying there, it's far less crowded then Rosemary or Seaside areas. The weather was perfect all week, we couldn't ask for better temperatures. 

Hayden is almost 20 months now and loved everything about the beach. She was not nearly as concerned as her sister was about being messy or dirty so the sand was not an issue for her.  She is going to be a little fish just like her big sister.  Hayden slept in a pack n play in our room so she was our little alarm clock, I have never seen so much sun at 5:30 am in my life.  She was up with the majority of the house by 6 am every morning.  This was fine because the average bedtime for the adults was around 9:45 pm.  We were all exhausted.  

Landry is our big 4 year old.  She loved the fact that she was the oldest cousin on the trip.  She really played great with her cousin Stella, they are really cute together.  She is getting more and more mature by the day.  I love them being little but I sure love the ease of this age. It never seems like a week is long enough.  I told Trey one year we need to go for 2 weeks...he laughed.  I figure since we both work from home we can just work from FL. :)  

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the week.  Enjoy!

The Garman Cousins - Stella 3, Hayden 20m, Landry 4, Victoria 15m, Avery 17m

Landry's friend Caroline was also vacationing in Carillon with her family, they shared a little pool time together.

A Dad's life

A early morning trip to the Donut Truck in Alys Beach

Jojo and her babies

Gigi is showing the girls how it's done!

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