Egg Huntin' and lots of SMILES

Please prepare yourself for picture OVERLOAD.  I finally dusted the cobwebs off my camera and took some pictures this weekend.  Ohhhh...what a fun filled Easter weekend we had.  The girls and I spend the better part of last week visiting my family in Arkansas while Trey was away for work.  We came home Wednesday so we could make sure we attended their daycare Easter Egg Hunt & Party.  They did not want to miss this.  Hayden has been super clingy, cranky and totally out of sorts lately and on Wednesday night she started running a low fever that continued until Saturday morning.  She had no other signs of being sick, so I chalked it up to teething.  She has been totally miserable with her teeth, her gums are all swollen, she only has 2 teeth on the bottom so it appears she is getting the rest of them all at once. NO FUN!  With her lacking her typical easy going demeanor it made for a very long week.  Finally Friday rolled around and Daddy was home, we spend Good Friday recovering and catching up on household chores.  Saturday we took a trip to see the Easter Bunny, it went pretty much as expected too scared to sit on the lap, and I was too cheap to pay $25 for a terrible picture of them screaming.  Today we attended church at Lover's Lane then came home for a little egg hunt and then dinner with Mimi & Granddad tonight.  I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family and healthy children. My girls were all smiles at church today so enjoy the pictures...it doesn't happen often these days.  I promise more blogging to come...I actually miss it.    
It was super windy at the egg hunt as you can see in these pictures. 
She wasn't going to let anyone take her bucket or Sissy's

This is why we always wear a bow...we are a HOT MESS without it.

Playing a little game called HOT bunny!

Hayden's first egg hunt.

Landry's Best Friend

Landry was very eager to find out what was inside all the eggs.

Bunny hop race 

We squeezed in time for a little egg dying while Sissy was napping. 

The girls were so excited to see Mimi at church,
I'm not sure what Trey gave them for breakfast but they were all smiles

I know my roots are sooo dark, my appointment is this week.

In this picture you can see WHY poor Hayden has been a complete mess for the last week,
I think she has a mouth full of teeth getting ready to break through her gums.  Poor Baby!

Where did my little girl go???

Here are some other pictures I took with my iphone this weekend, if you follow me on IG you have already seen most of these.  Enjoy!

Our visit to the Easter Bunny...girls were scared and we were too cheap to take the lap picture.

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  1. LOVE the girls' outfits!!! Tooo stinkin' cute!!!