L.O.V.E...what's that spell?

That's right...LOVE!!!

Happy Valentine's Day from The Whitehead family!  Miss Hayden could not wait to spread the love on her first valentine's day!  I hope everyones day is filled with hugs, kisses & tons of chocolate.  I will post pictures of our family valentines dinner tomorrow.  Trey is cooking dinner for all his girls (Hayden will be the easy one, she is on a rice cereal and breast milk diet).  Landry and I have the more sophisticated pallets. ;)

As you can see from the photos we got a little creative this year with the camera this weekend.  I cannot begin to take credit for this cute idea.  I blame everything on pinterest!  This dang site has sucked me in, but it has also given me so awesome creative ideas of things to do with my kids.  Now if I could just find the time to get everything I want to do done.

On Saturday Landry and I spent most of the morning doing "projects".  We made these cute valentine's for her school party, put together candy goodie bags for her friends and she made valentine hearts to mail to her grandparents (note to grandparents...these are NOT in the mail yet so if she asked...YES you got it and LOVED it!).  

Gavin Johnson (2 months) & Hayden (4 months).  We will be sure to pull out this picture at their wedding!
 I owe my good friend Katie a HUGE THANK YOU for helping me with the LOVE photo shoot. She is always up for a good project and when I came across the idea I knew she was just the person that would want in on the action. Not to mention she also has a baby we could torture.

Big brother Cole and Big sis Landry wanted in on the photo action.  Aunt Becky I know what your thinking...where is that cutie pie Blake???  We didn't forget about him, he was running errands with his daddy so he wasn't around for us to torture with the camera.


  1. OK, that is the cutest thing ever!!!! GReat job!I love her, she is such a happy baby!!!

  2. I love it! Super cute pictures of all the kiddos. And your Valentines are adorable!!