The HAYDEN Project {52 weeks of baby love}

I know I have mentioned my weekly photo project in several posts...finally I am ready to start posting the pictures for everyone to see.  I'm naming my project The Hayden Project {52 weeks of baby love}

My sweet baby Hayden is growing like a weed and since she will likely be my last child I am trying to cherish every minute of this baby stage. I cannot take credit for this idea it's something I came across online and fell in love with it.  The idea of photographing her each week for the first year to document her changes was something I really wanted to do.  Let's face it, this blog and pictures is all this child is going to have.  I don't own a baby book for her...oops!  I also loved the idea of the different pieces of fabric each week.  You will notice my photos are getting better week by week, as I've had time to play with the lighting, camera settings & where to shoot her in my very dark house.  I am still in no way a professional but I will cherish these pictures for years to come.  I still can't believe how fast 15 weeks has gone!  Enjoy my sweet baby Hayden, her chunky little thighs and that infectious smile!  

Update...I will try to remember to add photos weekly as I take them, so continue to check back and see how Hayden is changing.




























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  1. This is such a great idea. She is getting so big and expressive. Such a cutie!