little cheerleaders

I was able to get both of the girls in their cheerleading uniforms last night just before game time.  Of course we weren't at the game but we were able to see some of it on the internet.  Miss L is in this really crazy phase where she does these serious faced poses and calls them her performance.  She is basically mimicking things she has seen on TV while watching gymnastic on the olympics, final poses and such.  It cracks us up.  Here are some of her best "cheerleading poses".  I can't wait for her to go to a game this year and watch the real cheerleaders.  She told me yesterday she doesn't mind seeing the HOG but doesn't want to shake his hand or take a picture with him.  Honestly I hope he doesn't come within 20 feet of her or she might have a major panic attack.  She HATES anything in costume.

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