a quick trip to Kansas

This was another crazy week for the Whitehead Family.  At the last minute we decided to take a quick trip to Kansas to visit my grandmother.  Trey was headed to Kansas for work so JoJo met us and picked up the girls and me to head west to Larned. My sweet grandmother is getting older and has recently been moved to an assisted living facility.  She has met Landry a couple times but has never met Hayden so since I had the opportunity I wanted to take them to see her.  Landry loved hanging out at Grandma's "new house".  I told her that JoJo and Mommy were sad to leave grandma alone and she said, "no she's not, all those other girls live there" referring to the other ladies at the facility.  They all got to meet Landry, she even put on a singing show, which was a lot of build up with very little actually delivered (which is how most of her shows are).  Grandma loved the show which was all that mattered.  We went out to dinner a few times and let Grandma watch the girls play at the park and spray park, she seemed to enjoy watching them play.  All in all it was a good trip.   

Aunt Becky and Uncle Mike stop by to meet Hayden, Landry loved grandma's clip on earrings
Trust me Hayden...the entire family is CRAZY!!!

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