TWO against ONE

Can you believe this little cutie is almost ONE!  I just ordered her birthday invitations today and it kinda makes me sad.  She has been the best baby and for selfish reasons I want her to stay a baby. Everyday she changes more and more. She is going to be a talker just like her Sissy.  Quick story..Yesterday on the way home from daycare was the first time I've felt the girls teamed up on me.  Hayden started making loud noises with her mouth, you know the motorboat type noises.  Well, then Landry decided to join her, now it is super loud and I can tell Landry is also spitting when she does it.  So I ask them to stop, they laugh, then continue, then they both scream in the loudest, highest pitch scream you have ever heard.  It continues, I am getting more and more angry all while driving. Another scream...I'm talking ear piercing screams, first Landry does it then Hayden, then Landry again...I'm pissed.  I stop at a light and angrily tell Landry that if I hear one more noise I am giving her a spankin.  She looks me dead in the face and says, "Your arm can't reach back here!"  My response..."Wanna bet!"  Needless to say it ended without CPS needing to be called.  Boy, was I out numbered.  I am sure if Jojo had any memory at all she could recall countless stories where Jessie and I teamed up on her, good thing she can't remember anything!  Paybacks a b....! But I LOVE my girls and wouldn't trade them for anything!!!

 Enjoy the pictures from our weekend with JoJo, thanks again for helping out Mom!

 Here is Hayden getting ready to take the plunge...
 She did it...
 Attempting it again with a little help from sissy

 And the big news in our house is we have a soccer player...our first practice is tomorrow night so I will report back with details on how that went.  I am still looking for socks that will fit her.  Might be using baby legs if I can't find any.

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  1. Love the pics and yes, you deserve all they dish out to you, Love, Mom