2024 Olympics is calling her name

With all this Olympic fever in our house we had to go for a practice swim.  Trey and I told Landry that by 2024 she could be swimming on TV just like those girls.  We did the math and that would put her on the same pace as Michael Phelps, age 15, 19, 23 & retire by 27, not a bad career! All joking aside as much as I would love for my child to be an olympian I don't think I have it in me to raise one.  That is a ton of work and a childhood that is gone, I'm not sure that's the life I want for my kids but I guess that is not the parent's decision.  If your child loves doing something so much you will see that they get the opportunity to pursue their dream. She is a little fish!

Enjoy the pictures from our evening swim!

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