We are Blessed x2

I am so behind, I have so many cute pictures to post but absolutely NO TIME to do anything on the computer. Trey is traveling for work again this week which leaves me to fly solo with my crazy girls. We are once again battling Miss L at bedtime, you give that kid an inch she takes a mile. Tonight the hammer comes down, NO "Team Umizoomi Doormouse Lost in Space". Long story but she has been looking forward to this episode and talking about it for weeks now, thanks to commercials. Finally...I have something to hold over her head. Thanks for letting me rant...now on to my wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

We decided to have Miss Hayden baptised on Mother's Day since her sister was also baptised on Mother's Day 3 years earlier. It was a beautiful day, she wore the same dress as Landry and the best part...Mimi did the honors.  Here are a few pictures we snapped at the church.  We were having flower issues, for some reason it worked fine at home when we tried it on then we got to church and...well...you will see.

She crashed during the service...she was an angel.

Mimi & Granddad with Grandchildren #'s 4 & 5

This picture tells the story of our life, Hayden sleeping like an angel and Landry collecting on a bribe.  She will do anything for gum.


After church we all went to a great lunch at Brio, everyone was on their best behavior.  We were lucky we had JoJo in town because that night Trey and I got to go to the Ranger game with Mimi and Granddad.  They had some friends that offered us tickets in their suite, it was so much fun! Great weather, great food and great baseball...GO Rangers! 


  1. Love this post! Super cute pictures of your family!

  2. What great pics!!! And a Rangers game...fun!!!!!!

  3. Great pics, beautiful family! And, good lordy, your hair is pretty!