Memorial Day Weekend

Where do I begin...we had an awesome, relaxing, HOT memorial day weekend.  Landry managed to have not ONE but TWO play dates with her bestie Sue Sue.  Trey worked on his latest "Kylie Project" which is building a new headboard for our master bedroom, pictures to come.  We spent Saturday afternoon at Pump It Up for "Big Avery's" 4th Birthday (she's not big but that is what Landry calls her ever since cousin Baby Avery was born). Then Sunday Trey headed to Lone Star Park to watch the ponies run with Brooks so Katie and I hung at her pool all day with the 5 kiddos.  Thank goodness we have friends with pools! The day went surprising WELL, with no major melt downs.  We had grand plans of getting all 3 of the little ones down for a nap and laying out while Cole and Landry ran around in puddle jumpers...not the case.  They all napped at different times, oh well it was still a lot of fun for all of us. On Monday we just hung around the house, went to lunch and took Landry to her final dance class before the big recital on June 8th.  Whew...just typing that makes me tired.  Enjoy the pictures!

I'm obsessed!!!  I just cannot help myself when it comes to dressing my girls!  I ran across this swimsuit and swim cap at Gap and just had to have it for Hayden.  I got the suit a little big so she would be sure to fit into it when we go to the beach this fall. Hayden is officially 8 months now, no crawling and no teeth but full of personality. 


The Crew

Hayden and Gavin, they are going to be great friends.  He will be her little bodyguard.

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  1. Every time I look at that swim cap picture of Hayden I just melt. That's the cutest thing. The one of her sitting in the chair smiling is too cute. And, her and Gavin in the floaties - ahh! Meanwhile, Landry is a going and a going.