It's Recital DAY!

The big day was almost here, and the excitement was mounting.  Thursday night we started our prep, we had strict instructions from the dance teacher, hair was to be curled and half up.  Poor Landry has the thinnest, finest hair so we decided to go the sponge roller route to insure maximum curl.  I worried I would have to remove all of them in the middle of the night but they lasted all night with no complaints from the 3 year old.


Friday we had "Dress Rehearsal" at 9 am and the actual recital at 4 pm.  JoJo and Aunt Sarah were in town so they went with us to dress rehearsal and were tasked with recording the performance since I had the pleasure of being the "Backstage Mom" for the Summer Sunbeams.  This is an honor given to 2 mothers per class.  They asked for volunteers...and since none of the other Dance Moms were dying to be backstage I figured I better put my name in.  Let's face it...if there is one child that will crying and not go on stage it would be Landry.  She is the youngest in her class so I figured it might be best if I were back there with her.  I recruited Jamie (Sue Sue's mom) to be my co-pilot.  Between the two of use we can keep eight 3 & 4 year olds out of trouble right???  The "backstage mom" instructions failed to mention we would be navigating 2 flights of stairs backstage 2 different times with 8 girls holding hands.  That was a challenge, you know the rule when one domino falls they all do.  I am happy to report we made it out without injury.  All the girls went on stage without incident and they did great!  Our little ballerina Landry made us all very proud.  Thank goodness because Daddy would have killed me if we had spent all that money to have her not even make it on stage.  Ahhhh...sigh of relief!

Here are the pictures I snapped before and after the performance.  I put a link to the dance on YouTube at the bottom...Enjoy! 

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