a trip to the dentist...we tried

Yesterday we attempted Landry's first trip to the dentist.  She has been talking about going to the dentist for months, basically ever since her friend Sue Sue at school went and came to Mrs. Kelly's with a balloon and a pair of really cool sunglasses.  I figured we better go ahead and make the appointment while she is so "excited" to go.  It started out great, they have a great waiting room with a doll house and train set, she was having a blast.  Then they called us back and she willing went with the hygienist chatting up a storm.  Then "the chair" I noticed she became a little standoffish but was still doing great by shy Landry standards.  The sweet hygienist that was dressed in all pink and was all ready to show Landry Mr. Tickles, Squirt & Mr. Thirsty (their brush, water gun & suction straw).  This is when the eyes filled with water and the bottom lip got bigger and bigger.  She was NOT having it.  Dang it...I knew this was to good to be true.  We bribed and bribed and bribed...the tears turned to screaming fit and before we knew it we were leaving without a teeth cleaning.  However, we did go home with 2 prizes from the treasure chest, a pink balloon, a pair of purple gloves & dirty teeth.  We shall try again in 6 months!!!

Here are some iphone pics Trey sent me on their way home. I'm glad she likes her gloves!

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