One month down...

I have officially been back to work for 1 month.  I must say the transition wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it might be.  We are in a pretty good routine MOST mornings.  Trey does most of the heavy lifting with the girls while I get myself ready.  I try to have the girls outfits picked out the night before.  I am pretty sure if I don't he purposely puts them in the craziest outfits just to frustrate me so I will realize I forgot to set something out.  I am also in charge of Landry hair, she always says, "Daddy doesn't do hair!"  I still have visions of my Dad attempting my hair which ended with a stuck roll brush and some scissors.  I will gladly take this responsibility, plus it allows me to guarantee she leaves the house adorned with a satellite dish bow of some type. I am still breast feeding so I also feed Hayden before I turn her over to Daddy to change and dress for the day.  Hopefully all goes well and I am out the door no later than 8:15 to hit the road for my 45 min. commute to the office.  This is usually when I catch up with people on the phone or just relax and listen to my favorite Dallas radio station 1310 The Ticket. 

This week has been a little different. Trey has been in California for work so it has just been us girls the last couple nights.  We had arranged for JoJo to fly into town on Wednesday to help out and stay thru the weekend since we also have plans Saturday night.  Unexpectedly she was called to Kansas to help with my Grandmother and wasn't go to get back to AR in time to make the Wednesday flight so we rescheduled and have her arriving tomorrow.  Landry is so excited to pick her up at the airport.  Both girls have been very good.  Landry has had a few injury induced meltdowns but what 3 year old doesn't have fake injuries that cripple them for days.  I swear if I put another bandaid on perfectly clear skin I might scream.  Does anyone else have really clumsy kids?  Landry seems to fall all the time.  I can only pray this is just a phase and she doesn't have my lack of coordination.

Hayden has been just as smiley as ever, we have nicknamed her Angel Baby!  She is getting over another stuffy nose but seems to be doing great.  I hope both kids stay healthy this weekend so they can really enjoy their time with JoJo.  Enjoy the sweet fun bath time pictures, they girls bathe together most every night and they both love it.  We can't wait for Hayden to sit up so she can really get in on the fun.


  1. I'm very proud of you for having a smooth transition back to work. I fully understand EXACLY what you are going through and it is not as easy as you make it sound. And, you breastfeed. More power to ya super mom!

  2. Adorable bath pictures and adorable girls!

  3. I didn't know you worked, for some reason I thought u stayed at home. I just started working full time and I love it!!! I loved being home for 3 years but was soooo ready to be in the real world!! Glad all is going well with the babes and work!!!