my baby's growing up

I can hardly believe Hayden is 5 months now, I can't even remember what our family was like without her.  She is our "Angel Baby" and we let her know that all the time.  She has adjusted to daycare quite nicely.  Our nighttime routine has hit a few snaggs with her feeding schedule but most nights she is a healthy happy 5 month old.  She is in the begining stages of starting to sit by herself, mainly by balancing her belly between her legs and leaning forward.  She is no where near getting to the seated postion by herself, she barely rolls over, not because she can't but because she doesn't have anywhere she wants to go.  Total opposite of Landry.  She is the most laid back chill kid you have ever seen.  She just watches her crazy sister, smiles and laughs. 



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  1. Super cute pictures! Kylie, you look great in those photos and Hayden is just adorable.