She did it!

Well I'm happy to report that she did it!  Miss L mastered her bedtime routine for 10 days and as promised we took a trip to the Dallas Zoo.  We decided Landry would have more fun if we left Hayden with Mrs. Kelly and took along her friend Raelee.  The first 15 minutes in the car together Trey and I weren't sure we had made the right decision.  The girls were going crazy.  Squealing, screaming, and laughing with excitement.  Trey got a quick look at his future with two girls. :)  They were so cute and so happy to be going somewhere together.  Keep in mind these two crazy girls see each other EVERYDAY at school + take dance together on Monday nights, yet every time they see each other it's excitement all over again.  I'm looking forward to many years of fun for these two.  

We might have chosen the best day of the year to go to the zoo!  The weather was perfect, the parking lot was all but empty, when we got there we realized they were running "penguin days" which was $5 admission and they were hosting  VIP's from another zoo so we were able to catch an impromptu lion training session.  The girls had a blast and I felt like we had the entire place to ourselves.  What a great way to spend my last day of maternity leave. Way to go Landry...keep up the good work!


  1. Great pictures Kylie! Want to give a girl some lessons??

  2. I'm with Tamra, great pictures! And I see Trey has more than one cola shirt in his closet....

  3. Cute pictures - looks like a much more successful trip to the zoo than when Ryan and Reese ventured there on their own on $1 day. hehehehe. Landry is getting so big!