family playtime

With our new bedtime routine comes "family playtime" we usually head upstairs so we can all play with Landry's hundreds of toys.  We have been getting rid of things left and right and she has yet to notice anything missing.  Hayden is loving getting in on the action.  It is so fun to sit back and watch Landry play.  She basically mimics anything you have done that day.  It's scary...you really have to watch what you do or say or else you are likely to see it acted out by a 3 year old.  

Pretending to chat with "Ann Friiiii"  I heard her say, "I'm just chillin"

Landry pretending to "drive" with Hayden in the back seat.


  1. Who is ann fri that Landry is talking to? I'm surprised she's not pretending to double task while driving Hayden around, like talking on the phone or pumping.

  2. Kelly, Ann Fry or (Friiii) if you ask Landry, is one of JoJo's best friends in Arkansas. She always asks this kids to call her Ann Fry (instead of Ms. Fry or Ms. Ann) but she has a very southern accent and Landry has picked up on that an tries to pronounce it like she does which sounds like Ann Friiii. It is way too cute!