Miss L's favorite activity

If there is one thing Landry loves to do it's...going to the park!  She talks about it constantly, and once she gets it in her head she wants to go that is all we hear about.  We are extremely lucky we live in a neighborhood with multiple parks within walking distance.  The bad thing is we always have to drive by them which usually means you have to explain why we CAN'T go right now.  Landry and I decided to have a little park fun last week and strangely enough she was in a picture kinda mood.  My baby is growing us so fast, she will be 3 years old this week...YIKES!!!


  1. So cute - y'all get fancy when you go to the park. Full on outfit and hat and shoes - so cute! We end up at the park in jeans and tennis shoes!

  2. You managed to get some great shots out of that trip! You can tell she was cooperating! :)

  3. Such cute pictures! Good luck back at work today!!