Sick baby = NO FUN

Well...I am officially back to work for 3 days and then out again with a sick baby!  Sweet Baby Hayden has RSV!  She has had cold symptoms for several days but Saturday night after Landry's party she seemed to take a turn for the worse.  She started having a very painful/scary sounding cough.  I have heard that a "wet" cough is usually a sign of RSV.  We took her to the clinic on Sunday as soon as they opened and sure enough she tested positive for RSV.  Adults and kids can handle RSV like a common cold but babies tend to really struggle with it.  She is on breathing treatments to try to prevent it from getting worse.  She remains in good spirits and is happy to sleep next to Mommy at night.  She is loving the extra attention.  I guess with kids if its not one thing its another!!!  Please say a prayer she continues to get better.

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