Fall Festival

I told you we had a busy weekend.  My neighborhood HOA puts on a festival every fall complete with a petting zoo, bounce house, pony rides and costume contest.  Miss L didn't win the costume contest but she did look super cute in her Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader uniform.  I received "criticism" last time I posted pics of L's uniform for not having white boots or pom poms to complete the outfit.  Well...I fixed that problem with a little white spray paint for the boots and digging up some old Mountie pom poms from back in the day.  Presto...we have a complete cheerleader.  Too bad her Cowboy spirit didn't help the team play better :(.  Let's just say it was a really bad sports weekend for Daddy!  Enjoy the pictures.


This is the only shot I got of the full outfit, boots and all!

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