Trick or Treat

Trick or Treating...the finale to our busy Halloween weekend!  Last night we had perfect fall weather to be outside enjoying our neighborhood.  Everyone gathers at the end of our street to start the evening then disperses rather quickly to gather a much candy as possible.   This was the first year Landry was actually aware of what was happening.  We met up with her best buddy Raelee (also known to Landry as Sue Sue) so they could go door to door together in Raelee's red wagon.  I was a little worried as the evening started because we suffered a knee scrape on the curb, something this tragic could likely derail the entire evening.  Miss L limped to the wagon and up to the doorstep of the first house, after receiving that first piece of candy she told me her boo boo was healing.  Hmmm...just what I thought...a little candy can heal anything.  Too bad candy can't cure cancer, maybe doctors should look into that!!!

Hayden was such a good sport playing the part of little LOVE BUG, she hung with us until about 7:30 when she decided it was time for her to eat.  JoJo told me by the time she got back to the house Hayden was in a fit of rage.  At that point JoJo realized she was in a straight jacket that she couldn't seem to get out of.  I guess it would be smart of me to teach JoJo how to remove the Baby Bjorn before leaving her alone with a hungry upset baby strapped to her body...oops  :)  

Overall it was a fantastic weekend...A huge THANK YOU to JoJo for staying to help with the craziness.  I can't wait to plan next years costumes for my TWO dress up dolls, maybe we can do a family theme...you will have to wait and see.

Hayden my little LOVE BUG!


At this point I still think she is shocked she is getting candy for just saying Trick or Treat!
making their way from house to house

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