take me out to the ball game...

Shortly after the 4th of July we had a mini "family reunion" for Trey's family in Dallas.  Uncle Dave was driving in from Houston and wanted to take in a Rangers game while in town.  He was kind enough to treat us for our birthday to a night at the ballpark.  It was yet another first for Landry, and boy was she a lucky girl.  We were waiting for the game to start and a nice grounds crew member saw her and came over to offer her a batting practice ball.  Of course...she went into total "shy mode".  Her Daddy on the other hand was super excited.  He said, "I spent my entire life trying to catch a foul ball, and she is just handed one...unbelievable!"  Welcome to life with a cute daughter Daddy...see it does have some perks.  Her Daddy also enjoyed teaching her a little bit about baseball.  She got the hang of it and was quite the Rangers cheerleader.  We all had a great, HOT, time at the game...Thanks David for the early birthday treat!

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  1. Trey looks so happy! That's a sweet one with L holding the ball. We're going in Sept!