L's First Trip to the Lake

When we were in Rogers for the 4th of July (yes, that is how behind I am) we spent a day on Beaver Lake.  Growing up I spent many weekends on this lake and have some many great memories, so I was really excited to take Landry out for the first time.  Aunt Jessie and Uncle Ty Ty have a great boat and volunteered to take us & The Hahn's (with kiddos) out for the day.  Very brave of them!  We had a blast!  The kids loved the boat and the water. Ty Ty even broke out his giant tube for the kids to ride on.  Here are some pictures of Landry's first Beaver Lake adventure!

Captain Ty Ty (as the kids would call him)
Look who's riding the tube!  Just like her Momma...I was very bummed that couldn't ride with her.  I'm in no condition to be riding on a tube 7 months pregnant, so Daddy had to step in.

After Landon watched Landry he wanted to give it a try...and loved it!

and finally...Hud's turn.

Thank you again Ty Ty and Jessie...we had a great time!


  1. Such good memories, cute pics!

  2. That was so much fun!! Love your pictures!

  3. Hi Kylie! I just found your blog via Katie's blog and I'm loving it :) I love seeing all the bows and hats you have your little girl in! I just found out I am expecting a girl, so I love seeing all the options out there! I was looking in your vintage posts and noticed your little girl's baby bedding. Would you mind telling me where you found it? I am having a heck of a time finding something I like!