A Night at the Fountains

I know most of you read my good friend Katie's blog so have probably seen these pictures.  She is great at capturing moments with her camera, and sent me a few of Miss L.  We loves the Johnson Boy(s)...I laugh when writing this because their Momma is about to welcome another cute boy to the family.  They will always be known as the "Johnson Boys"because she swears baby #3 will be her last.

This Texas heat is about to kill all of us...we are trying to stay cool anyway we can.  Fountains after dinner...I'm there!  I still cannot believe I thought being pregnant in the summer would be a good idea...this is exactly how I planned it so I only have myself to blame.  Crazy me!

What a mess!!!

Is Blake not the cutest thing ever...I'm in love with his curls.

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