my snow bunny

On Friday after our big snow I got a call from Katie asking me if she could borrow Landry for some snow pictures.  Duh...of course you can!  Katie knows what you get with Landry, sometimes a good willing participant, other times a child that wants nothing to do with the camera.  Right now Miss L will do just about anything for an M&M.  We are currently using them as potty rewards so they are in big demand in our house.  I just happened to bring a pocket full of M&M's to this mini photo session and guess what...Landry did exactly what we asked her to do.  I have learned my lesson and I am becoming a pro at the good ole game of bribery.  I know this is probably not the BEST parenting move, but I know I will cherish these pictures forever!  I just love that sweet face and bright eyes.  Katie, thank you so much...you did a wonderful job!

p.s.  the shirts says it all!!!    

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