2 year check up

Today was Miss L's 2 year check up at the doctors office.  The highlight of the appointment...NO SHOTS!  We totally went there expecting shots and to our surprise she was totally up to date, that was a welcomed surprise.  Anyone who has taken a child to the doctors office for a shot knows it is not a fun experience.  Of course, the entire visit Landry was expecting a shot so she was super whiney and very clingy.  Once it was over and she had her fruit chews (aka Bears) she was one happy camper.  Miss L is continuing to keep her long and lean frame weighing in at a whopping 24 pounds, what girl would complain about that.  Overall, she is hitting all the major milestone for a healthy 2 year old.

2 Year Old Stats
Weight: 24 lbs. - 15%
Height: 34.5" - 70%
Head: 19.25" - 80%

We had a mini birthday party on Saturday night with Trey's parents.  Landry was dying to eat the cupcakes I purchased the day before.  I also went to the dollar store and purchased her favorite thing...balloons.  After dinner we were all entertained by the two year old on a sugar high.  The next morning the first thing she said was, "where Granddad go?"


  1. So precious!! Her hair is getting so long!

  2. Can't believe she is 2!! Thanks for getting me "back to blogging"! Hope to see you guys soon.