Feeling of the day...EXHAUSTED!  I am so glad it's finally Friday, all day I was regretting my decision to stay up so late last night.  Today was a very busy day at work.  Aside from everything going on with my clients it was cubical moving day.  The head count in our office is the lowest it has been in the eight year I have been with the company, so this called for some "seating reorganization".  It's always a pain to move all of your stuff across the office, but once the moving is over I always feel more organized.  

My plan was to go out to dinner tonight, we were all way too tired.  Trey and I decided to make it a family pizza and movie night.  The relaxing evening was much needed.  I will be going to bed very early tonight, tomorrow is a another busy day.  3 day weekend here I come!!!


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