pictures with puppy

Yesterday was flu shot day for Miss L, shots are never fun.  Today she was a little sluggish, we are hoping it's just a small reaction to the shot and she is not coming down with something.  We have a very big weekend planned so we need her to be well.  Whatever it is has made her very cuddly, which I love.  Trey went to his monthly poker game tonight and I asked Landry if she wanted to take some pictures in her jammies.  She replied, "with puppy?"  So, I thought why not...
I told her she needed to practice a couple times without puppy first.  Really just tricking her so I could get a few solo shots.  The last one cracks me up...too bad my camera settings were off.  She is trying so hard to smile it hurts...LOL!

 Check out Madie's face..."get me off of this chair...I'm about to bite someone"

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