"i ride pony"

"I ride pony Momma, I ride pony!" And boy did she love it.  We spend the afternoon in Fort Worth attending Kara’s 2nd birthday party.  Lisa had the same idea I did for the 2nd birthday…a petting zoo, great minds think alike.  Landry talked about the animals the entire trip to Ft. Worth.  I thought for sure she would love the little animals but was sure she would not come close to riding the pony, boy was I wrong.  The minute we put her inside the petting zoo fence she spotted a crazy looking rooster and FREAKED OUT!  My head immediately fast-forwarded 3 weeks and I had images of her freaking out at her birthday party.  Great…just great, this cannot happen!  I had opted out of the pony rides for Landry’s party because I thought there was no way she would get on that horse by herself.  As you can see from these photos I might regret that decision.  Oh well…there is always next year.  We did go back into the petting zoo and ended the party on a high note with Mommy catching a rabbit.  Landry got to pet the bunny up close and personal.  Overall, it was a great party and a wonderful start to our weekend.  Happy Birthday Kara!

 The Birthday Girl wasn't scared...poor bunny!

 I might be regretting this "Barnyard" theme!

I was determined to catch the dang bunny.

 Finally...a smile

 That's right...I dressed her to match the cake.  Just kidding, but I would do something like that!

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