My Christmas Obesession

I am obsessed with Christmas decorations (which is probably why I did very little blogging in November and December...I was busy decorating). I just realized I never posted these pictures of my decorations, I had 3 full size trees this year, 2 small trees & 8 wreaths (nuts...I know). Hitting the after Christmas sales for good deals on decor has been my thing the last several years. You can really get some great deals, the problem is remembering what you buy. I keep thinking that one of these years I will get sick of putting everything up, but so far the obsession only seems to be growing. This year I am giving two big thumbs up to Sam's Club for their great selection of ribbon and mesh. I used their ribbon in all of my decor this year, and so did most of my friends. LOVE IT.

I've had the green and red tree in the living room for years, along with the brown tree in the dining room. This year the big additions were the mesh wreaths and Landry's kissmas tee! I LOVED the bright colors on Miss L's tree...I would love to use them throughout the entire house. My neighborhood girlfriends and I made the JOY letters at craft night and I decided to make a giant JOY frame for above the fireplace. I loved how it turned out. I hope you enjoy the decor...sorry for posting them so late. We spent all day yesterday taking everything down :(

This is Jingle our Elf. Landry asked about him the first 3 days after Christmas, where Jingle go??? If you have kids and don't do the Elf on a Shelf tradition you should! Landry loved it!


  1. I wish I could have the ability and dedication to decoration a fraction of what you do. It looks sooooo great!!!!

  2. Gorgeous! You have a gift for decorating!