Our Crazy Christmas Week - Part 1

I always feel so blessed this time of year, we have such an amazing family we get to share the Holidays with...not to mention all the great friends we have. I was really excited for Christmas this year because I knew it would be the first year that Landry might understand and remember a little of the "MAGIC" of Christmas! I am not sure how much she actually understands but she does know who Santa is and does associate him with TOYS. She loves looking for Santa in the neighborhood (the blow up kind), but I think the thought of Santa being in our house still has her a little spooked

We had a very busy two weeks. Trey's sister and her family, Uncle & Grandmother all came to town the week before Christmas. Landry was able to spend some quality time with her 3 cousins, which she adores. We had them over to help make sugar cookies then loaded up to go look at lights. As you can see from the photos Landry was not much help on the decorating side but the eating part she has down pat.

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