Bunco Night

The Ashwood bunco girls kicked off our 4th year the right way, with a great night of FOOD, FRIENDS & WINE!  We have 12 girls in our group so we each host at our house once a year, January is usually my month to host.  I wish I could say I won some money but last night I was a big looser.  That's okay, we all can't win every time.  A special thanks to my husband for disappearing with Miss L during the bunco craziness.  When he got home he said, "now I don't have to do this again until next year right?!?"  It was a late night for all of us!  Enjoy the pictures

Katie the big winner last night!

10 girls drinking wine and 7 bottles down!  It's no wonder we have fun!

I had several people ask me for the recipe I used for the Chocolate Trifle, truth is it is something my sister kinda made up several years ago.  Trifles are great because you can make them your own if you don't like one of the ingredients just substitute it for something else.  Below is how I made mine.  Enjoy!

Aunt Messy's Chocolate Trifle
1 Box of your favorite brownie mix
2 packages of chocolate pudding
2 containers of cool whip
1 block of cream cheese
1/4 cup of sugar
Heath bar topping (of any candy of your choice)

Started by cooking your brownies according to the recipe on the box.  Set aside to cool.  Make chocolate pudding mixture and refrigerate.  Mix 1 container of cool whip, cream cheese and sugar and refrigerate.

Once everything is ready to assemble start with brownies then layer with 1/2 the chocolate pudding, all of the cream cheese mixture, top with heath bar and repeat.  Top with plain cool whip, heath and extra brownie crumbles.  Enjoy!  


  1. Such a brat! Of course you chose the picture of me with bunnie ears by amanda! I know there was a cute one too..booger! lol