Princess Landry

It's already started...at almost 2 my child has an opinion about her clothes.  Miss L and I went to target for a few necessities and like always we took a swing through the children's section.  I was looking at a few outfits and Landry kept saying, "Mommy don't touch!"  Think she's heard that before?  Then we passed this dress...she started yelling, "Princess Dress...Princess Dress!"  I picked it up and asked her if she liked this dress?  Of course, she did so guess what we can home with.  A Easter/Princess Dress!  She wanted to put it on the minute we walked in the door. I think I am in trouble!!!

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  1. Love that last picture of Landry! And it looks like it was another fun bunco night. Those pictures really make me miss you and all the girls!