two girls that love chocolate

While Daddy is away...the girls will play...with CHOCOLATE!!! Tonight Landry helped me make a chocolate brownie trifle for Bunco tomorrow night. Landry is a BIG helper in the kitchen, actually she does not like to be left out of the cooking process. As you can see I let her lick the bowl and spoons. This little girl is a lover of all sweets, especially chocolate! Tomorrow night I am hosting bunco at our house, thank goodness I am finally feeling better. This starts year FOUR of bunco, it seems like just yesterday we had our first one. All 12 girls should be here tomorrow night so hopefully we can get a group picture together.
With me being sick, this week has been especially challenging because Trey has been traveling most of the week for work. We can't wait for him to come home tomorrow night. Everyone say a little prayer he gets home safely. He is in Oklahoma where there is lots of winter weather right now. We all know the dumper is not what you would call a "good snow vehicle".
Boy did we have fun tonight! I'm sure we will both be up until midnight after all the chocolate and cool whip she licked.


  1. Ooooooooo, I can't wait to try that! So cute, you girls!

  2. That looks delish! Before i read it was for bunco...I was thinking..man, I wish she invited me over for chocolate!! haha I was thinking we need a picture tonight too!! I'll bring the speedlite :)

  3. Makes me so sad that I won't be there tonight! Sniff sniff.

    That trifle looks awesome. Sad I'm missing that too!