Happy Birthday Mimi!

Hello everyone, Landry here.  I am hijacking Mommy’s blog this week to let everyone know that my Mimi celebrated another birthday this week.  She said she is turning 39, and I can’t count that high, but that seems a bit low.  Dad said that age makes you smarter, so Mimi must be really smart.  I am so lucky to have my Mimi and Granddad close by (makes Mojo and Papa jealous).  They always seem to have a gift for me, and I am grateful that we get to see them as much as we can.

I just love birthdays because it means that we get go somewhere special to eat.  Dad does not worry about how much money we spend, and Mom lets me make a mess because it is not our house.  We had fun at dinner (that Rev will party pretty hard with ya if you let her), then we came back to the house for picture time.  Mommy loves pictures, but I am not so sure anymore.  I smile when I want to, but I like to play, not sit still.  We all had a good time, and I got to stay up late.  Hopefully Mimi will have another birthday soon so we can do it again.  Oops here comes Dad…gotta go before they put me in time out for messing with this computer thing.  Happy Birthday Mimi!  We love you!

Landry Out!

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