Mickey’s Rockin Road Show

A couple of weeks ago I took Landry to see Mickey’s Rockin Road Show here in Allen with a few of our friends and neighbors.  Landry had a lot of fun and I know when she is older and recognizes the characters she will enjoy it that much more. IMG_9448  IMG_9459  IMG_9479  IMG_9483 Kelly, Reese, Katie and Cole all went with us to the show.
Doesn’t Kelly look great, this is 3 weeks post birth.  The Walker’s welcomed baby Jack at the end of September.IMG_9455

This is Landry’s first encounter with a police officer, I hope we don’t have another one anytime soon.  He was trying to help get her to smile for a picture, he came over and asked if she wanted to sit on his motorcycle…needless to say…she FREAKED OUT! 


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