weekend with my cousins

Once again I am a little late in posting these pictures for our family reunion in Louisiana.  We had a great time visiting with our wonderful extended family.  Aunt Wendi was unable to make the trip, but Mimi saved the day and drove the three Sanchez kiddos to Poverty Point so all the cousins could be together.  They had a blast!  Mom Mom has 7 Great Grand Kids and she was able to see them all at once (which rarely happens).  This was the first time that Landry and Heidi (born 2 weeks apart) were able to really play with each other.  I am so happy Landry has a cousin so close to her age, they are going to have a blast growing up together...too bad she is already and LSU fan!  IMG_7824 (2)Every time we are with the Sanchez cousins Landry seems to pick one of them to really bond with, this time it was Pierce.  She was obsessed with him…and he loved it.  She usually pays more attention to the girls, but not this time.  Pierce figured out the trick to win Landry’s heart…act like a puppy!  He would get down on the ground and crawl around like a puppy, even bark.  She would follow him around, pet him, then try to act just like him by attempting to act like a puppy herself.  They were so cute together and I snapped some pictures to prove it.  Not to mention he is the cousin that looks the most like her.IMG_7871


IMG_7832Look how stylish Mom Mom is sporting her shades, she is always such a trooper.IMG_7840 IMG_7842Playing with the big kids.IMG_7852     IMG_7841Landry decided she was sick of the mini van and wanted an upgrade.
I told her it was a good pick.IMG_7878 IMG_7903 IMG_7911Landry pushing her cousin Heidi…they are 2 weeks apart…can you tell who’s older?  IMG_7938…at least she thinks she’s a big girl!  IMG_7951


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