Growing Up

landry 18 m 3

I know I say this all the time but I really cannot believe that our BABY is getting so big.  18 Months already!  (really almost 19 months because I am so late posting).  Last week we took Landry to her 18 month check up, she is meeting all the developmental milestones she is supposed to hit at her age.  She is still a little on the petite side for her age (definitely not a gene she inherited from the Garman side).  Right now she is a total sponge and anything you do she totally absorbs, and then attempts to do the same thing herself.  Her favorite thing to do is DANCE…for an 18 month old she can really shake it.  She loves copying her Daddy’s dance moves and appears to have lots of rhythm (again…not a gene she got from me).  She is talking up a storm and beginning to put 2 or 3 words together, she is really LOUD screaming Mommy or Da Da all the time (this is something I can take credit for).  Last week she started showing interest in using a potty…she actually used it for the first time on Sunday.  All I will say is, it wasn’t pee…and Daddy couldn’t handle it and starting gagging.

She is growing up so fast I am afraid if I blink she will be starting kindergarten tomorrow.  We both love her so much and cannot even remember what we did with our time pre Landry…life just wouldn’t be the same without this wonderful, precious little girly girl!

18 Month Stats (18 months & 3 weeks)
Weight: 21 lbs. 13 oz. – 20%
Height: 32 5/8” – 55%

I hope you enjoy the new photos of Miss L, I just can’t get enough of my cutie pie in these red cowboy boots.  My friend Katie has been practicing her photography skills and Miss L was a very willing model.  Thank you Katie for capturing such wonderful memories that we will always cherish.


Landry 18 Month  landry 18 m 8  landry 18 m 6 landry 18 m 5 landry 18 m 4 

landry 18 m 9


  1. I adore this post. So very sweet; makes me want to cry!

    I love Landry's sweet smile and the way her bright blue eyes match the denim! I can see both you and Trey in her! She is gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing...

    Sharon Garman

  2. She is SO GORGEOUS! Those are so unbelievably cute! Make sure you post on facebook too! I know Holly will want to see those!

  3. This is cute enough for a fashion show...some of the best yet! She has a pretty, delicate look but we all know she is really pretty tough....love those blue eyes, blonde hair, and perfectly formed lips!. These are special years for all of you and you two are such good parents, so Landry is blessed and so are y'all.