Girl Time

While Daddy's away…Aunt Jessie will come to play!  What a weekend we had with just us girls.  Trey was gone this weekend on yet another golf trip this summer, this time he headed north to cooler weather in Winter Park Colorado.  I happened  to be hosting a baby shower at my house so I knew I better call in reinforcements.  Who better than…Aunt Jessie to the rescue!!! Landry was so excited to see her.  When Jess and I went to pick her up at “school” on Friday she came running toward us and yelled, Mommy…Dessie!”  It was so cute.  She is having a little trouble pronouncing her J’s but it is so cute how she says her name.  Jess helped me prepare for the shower and then took Landry to the mall for some one on one time on Saturday while I played hostess.  I wish Landry could see her every weekend…she loved it!  Thank you Jess…you were a lifesaver.  (I did not get one photo of Aunt Dessie and Landry so a picture of me will have to do!)

IMG_7970 The FACE!  This is the look I get anytime something doesn’t happen the way she wants. IMG_8056 But…she has been known to bounce back quickly.  She is now saying “Cheese”, which is good and bad.  The good part is, she looks at the camera, the bad is, you can always tell she is saying “Cheese!”

IMG_8066When Landry took her trip to Mojo’s house this summer she came home with a set of sponge rollers.  Sunday night I remembered we had them and asked her if she wanted me to roller her hair, she said YES.  She sat so still I could not believe it!  She loved having them in…didn’t even try to mess with them once.  After about 15 minutes I took them out so she could go to bed, surprisingly we had a little curl.  Enjoy the pics!  My GIRLY Girl…in her BOY car jammies!

IMG_8096  IMG_8099 The results…a little body…not bad for 15 minutes
ut oh…Madie at my snack!



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