females…we must be born this way

Tonight after Landry’s bath the following scene took place.

Back up 2 weeks…Trey decided we needed a new front loading washer and dryer.  I was fine with what we had but was also up for getting a new set if it was a good deal.  Of course, Trey found a great deal so…WE now own a pair of front loading machines.  The minute we moved them into the laundry room Miss L has been fascinated with watching the clothes spin around and around.  So needless to say she has been watching us load and unload for a couple weeks now.  But I was totally shocked when I walked into the laundry room tonight to find her loading the washer on her own!  Trey was gone to play poker and I had just finished giving Landry her bath and was still in her room getting it ready for bedtime when I realized she was gone.  I step out of her room to find her LOADING THE WASHER!  She was so into it I  had time time run to the kitchen and get my camera, come back and start snapping nothing distracted her.  She was on a mission…btw…she finished the entire basket then clapped for herself…by that time I hap put the camera down and was video taping with my phone.  I guess I officially have a HELPER! 

Kids just crack me up…they absorb everything we do (the good and the bad)

IMG_6926 IMG_6927 IMG_6928 IMG_6931

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  1. Kylie - That's too cute. Taylor is fascinated with the washer too.

    Courtney Little