16 Month Report Card

IMG_677816 Months
Height – 31.5” – 75%
Weight – 20.8 lbs – 20%
Head – 18.5” – 75%

We are having so much fun with our wild 16 month old princess!  I still can’t believe how much she has changed.  She is beginning to talk up a storm, hmmm…we knew that day would come didn’t we???  Even if she can’t say something she totally understands what you are asking her to do.  She is still very skinny and wearing 12 & 18 month clothes (still just 20lbs.)  She absolutely LOVES the water, from what I have been told Jess and I were the same way.  Her favorite thing to eat right now is watermelon and cookies and her favorite toy is still either a ball of some sort or her C-A-R (we have to spell it or she gets really excited and starts chanting ca, ca, ca, which ultimately requires a push from Mom or Dad).  The baby doll is gaining momentum but at home she tends to play with the more boyish toys (I like to call it the Daddy effect).  Enjoy some random 16 month pictures.


I am totally in love with these water wings.  A very sweet co-worker of mine gave me one to try and I think it works great.  Typically it is only for kids  from 30 to 50 lbs but I tried it on Miss L and she really likes it.  She is still a little small to control it completely by herself but it seems to work much better than than anything else we have tried.  She loves it!  It is called a puddle jumper and you can find them online or at Walmart.  Landry loves it so much she doesn’t even realizes this one is super boyish.  It just gives you that extra protection you want around the pool…especially if your child is a dare devil like mine.


IMG_7036As you can see from this photo Miss L has developed a slight attitude…from what I’ve been told it’s only the beginning.


Sunday morning fun!  Landry playing in her diaper and flower headband…I wonder why she loves having things on her head???  Note the baby under the hood…I love this picture!


  1. OH man, she is going to have a little tude!! LOL. She is too cute. Miss Priss!

  2. These keep getting better--I can't believe how good they are!