Blog Makeover

I finally got a much needed blog makeover.  My good friend Katie has a small blog design business called The Polka Dot Pig so I enlisted her help in bringing my blog header up to date, I really needed it since I was still using a 1 month old photo of Miss L.  If you have a blog or want a blog check out Katie’s site…she does great work.  I hope you enjoy the new look as well as reading about our crazy life.

(If you are a family member that only reads the emails you will have to go to the actual blog to see the new look…Dad and Mimi…I am talking to you.)

This post would not be complete without a couple pictures of Miss L…you will notice the boo boo on her forehead.  She took a bad fall and landed on her head.  It scared me to death…but she is one tough girl.

IMG_6818 IMG_6850

It will be a miracle if we make it though this toddler phase without stitches on her precious face.  This is the second facial boo boo in 4 day.

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