Hoppy Easter Everyone!


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter Weekend.  We’ve had a great weekend so far and still have our Easter dinner to go…Ribs…Yummy!  This morning we got dolled up in our Easter outfits and headed to church.  I could not wait to get Landry dressed this morning because this pink & white dress is so adorable.  It was handed down to Landry from Cousin Kamryn, Wendi was right it is the prefect dress for Easter because of the matching coat…I just love it!  Of course I had to put her in a special hat for the occasion.  Every hat wearing woman knows on Easter you either “go big or go home” so we went BIG!  You will notice from the photo of me my hair is not following that philosophy…bad hair morning…out of spray…that is NEVER good.  Today was the first time we have taken  Landry to the church nursery, we were not sure how she would do.  We checked her in, received our buzzer (just like restaurant buzzers for those that don’t have kiddos) and handed her over.  Sure enough…30 minutes into the service our buzzer went off.  Trey ran to the rescue while I stayed in the service.  I was pretty sure if I got up to leave something embarrassing would happen like…slip and fall or have my dress tucked into my spanks…you know something like that. Trey said when he got there she has been crying for 30 minutes and was totally inconsolable.  Worse than he has ever seen her.  Keep in mind that we leave her everyday and she never does this.  I guess because it was a new place and she did not know anyone she felt like we had totally abandoned her.  Moral to this story…guess we need to make going to Church a more regular occurrence.  We shall try again next time!  Enjoy my Easter baby/toddler!  I will post egg hunt photos later tonight.

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