“School” Easter Party & Egg Hunt #1

Thursday Landry had her 1st egg hunt, thanks to Mrs. Kelly.  We call her daycare school, even though she is just going to play.  Kelly always does holiday parties for the kiddos and this time it was an egg hunt in the park near her house.  At first Landry did not understand what was going on but after Mom and Dad kept chanting, “Put it in your basket!” she finally figured it out.  I am so looking forward to this next year…she is getting so big and we are having a ball.

IMG_5543Landry & Raelee…in sunglasses from Mrs. Kelly
They are 4 months apart and from what I hear they have a LOVE/HATE relationship.
I think most of the time the are BFF’s!!!

IMG_5495 IMG_5509 Let the games begin

IMG_5517 IMG_5519  IMG_5525  IMG_5540

I am one COOL chick!  Thanks Mrs. Kelly for the wonderful Easter Party.

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