Meet my cousin Stella

Hi everyone…it’s Landry here.  I am home today with my Mommy and Daddy because I did not sleep well last night.  I have 3 more molars coming in and they are causing me lots of pain.  My mom was worried and took me to the doctor this morning, I have a fever but the doctor said it is because of my teeth because my ears and chest checked out okay.  I had a very exciting weekend, my baby cousin Stella came to visit.  She is almost 3 months old and is very cute and petite.  I got in trouble a couple of times for being too rough with her…Mom said I have to wait until she is bigger before I drop my toys on her…no fun.  I really liked rocking her in her car seat and saying “baby” over and over.  Of course my mom made us take tons of photos together.  She even made baby Stella pose for an individual photo shoot…poor thing. 

IMG_5304Mom said we look like a couple other rug rats that she knows…see below.

19     IMG_5256IMG_5295  Look at this cutie!IMG_5348 IMG_5351  IMG_5370 IMG_5373

My mommy over did it with Baby Stella and this is what happened.  Sorry Baby Stella!


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  1. Love the pics....and the fact that Stella looks like "Baby Jessie" although I noticed I look quite a bit thicker...must have been a good eater even back then. :)