the great state flower…

As you can imagine Bluebonnet Season is a Texas tradition.  Every spring our state flower graces us with it presence along our highways, we even have entire festivals dedicated to this beautiful blueish purpleish flower.  This is one of the “silly” things I looked forward to when I became a mom, being able to take photos in the bluebonnet patches.  I can still remember when Trey and I were first married I wanted to take Madie to have her picture made in the bluebonnets and Trey quickly replied with “YOU’RE CRAZY!”  Which meant…I am having NO part in that event…so I never did!  But I was NOT about to let another spring go by without dragging Landry to the side of the road for a photo op.  Luckily I have a friend (that is as crazy as me) named Katie that was willing to tackle this project with me.  So last night we drug our poor babies out in the wind to see if we could capture the moment, I would have been happy with just one good photo but I think between the 2 of us we got several keepers.  Both of the photos at the end will sum up how the kiddos felt at the end of our torcher session.  landry2[2]IMG_5622copy[1] IMG_5625 copy[1]  landry[1] bb landry

bb landry 4This face says…Pictures are OVER!



  1. LOL!! You know we will be out there next year to tackle this little project again!!!! haha Maybe with better results??