Project Playroom: Making Progress

We are slowly but surely making progress on our playroom.  Trey and I spent hours on Saturday putting the final coat of paint on each piece of the media/storage unit.  I wanted it to match the white paint that Pottery Barn uses and found out that they will sell you a wood sample for matching purposes then when you bring it back they give you a full refund. What a great deal!  I took the sample to Sherwin Williams and they matched it almost perfectly.  They also suggested I use an oil based paint so I took their advise and we went to work.  Deciding to do the painting upstairs in the game room to avoid the dirty garage was a great idea…only problem…our entire house smelled like paint for a week.  Our house guest this week (Victoria) even had to sleep down stairs to avoid the fumes.  The walls are being painted on Wednesday and baskets should arrive any day…I can’t wait to start organizing.  IMG_5872   IMG_5875 IMG_5876   IMG_5878  Trey could not wait to get the TV set up, we have missed watching TV upstairs.


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