Weekend with Family

Mojo, Aunt Jessie AND the cousins…who could ask for a better weekend.  Mom and Jess drove in Friday night so Jess and I could go furniture shopping on Saturday.  Their 4 hour and 45 minute trip turned into a 6 hour trip when they missed their turn in Oklahoma and drove almost and hour out of their way.  Seriously…they have both been here at least 20 times.  Mom blamed it on construction & Jess blamed it on Mom…so who knows what happened.  We always enjoy seeing them and their visit was way too short.

On Sunday Trey and I attended Custer Road United Methodist Church to hear the Rev. Donna Whitehead AKA “Mimi” preach.  CRUMC is celebrating their 30 year anniversary this year and since Donna was their very first Associate Pastor (and was there for 20 years) they invited her back to preach and held a wonderful reception in her honor.  In the 7 years that I have been a part of the Whitehead Family she has worked at Lover’s Lane, so this was a wonderful experience for me to see her back where she really got started.  She did a wonderful job and I got to meet many people who truly adore her.  WAY TO GO MIMI!  Landry also attended the reception and ate her weight in cheese & animal crackers…the girl likes her food.IMG_4696

Landry and Mojo

IMG_4708 Landry playing with her new favorite toy…a ball.  She goes around saying ba…ba…ba meaning where is my ball.  Then she throws it, laughs, fetches then does it all over again.

IMG_4721Showing off her new BOB haircut.  The poor sides and top have some growing to do but we chopped the back of so it would look fuller.  Poor girl I am afraid she is going to learn what root boost is at an early age.IMG_4727 IMG_4729 IMG_4740 Pierce is learning how to do flips and he was super excited when I showed him this picture of himself upside down.  Then Kamryn could not be outdone so she wanted a picture…see below…what a doll :)  I just wish I had not cut off her arm in the photo…Oh well.

IMG_4747 Sunday night we also celebrated Aunt Wendi’s birthday.  Granddad cooked burgers and we all had cake and ice cream…we could not ask for a better Sunday night meal.


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  1. Wow, Landry's hair looks great. I feel bad for snickering today when Anne asked if she had hair yet. Landry, I'm sorry. Your hair is beautiful! Just wait till your mom puts her famous teasing comb on it though.