I wanna be like…my GREAT Grandma

We just returned home from a great wedding weekend in Louisiana.  I will have more posts on the wedding later, but I had to get these pictures posted for my Grandma while my Mom is still in Kansas visiting her and can show her the blog…she is NOT one of those computer savvy 81 year olds…if you know what I mean.

Still  to this day when I see a broom I immediately think of my grandmother.  She is always doing something (must be where Mojo gets it) and that something is usually sweeping.  Yesterday when we arrived at the bridal luncheon there was a broom on the edge of the back porch…guess who spotted it right away!  Yep…Miss L wanted the broom in her hand the entire time regardless if it was 3x her size.  We actually had a “little” tantrum when it was time to leave the broom on the porch where we found it.

Grandma…enjoy the photos.  We love you and are thinking about you.




Me and Landry

Thanks Katie for the Old Navy sweater find…now I need it in other colors.  I received several compliments.

IMG_4974 IMG_4983 Attn: Moms with girls…I found both this headband and bow at Hobby Lobby.  They have started carrying these along with the crochet hats that Landry wears all the time.  I believe this headband was $1 and the bows were $3.99…Not bad.  No…I do not normally cover her ears but it was a little windy and cool so we did it for warmth.

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  1. Ha! I get compliments every time I wear that sweater!! I wish it came in more colors!!